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GBIC: Building bridges to Asia


When it comes to sales growth potential, more and more German companies are discovering Asia’s importance, especially when confronted with declining profitability in stagnating home markets.

Respected financial publications substantiate the growing significance of the Asian region:


China will become the world’s No.1 market for luxury goods within this decade

Asia will account for 42% of total global consumption by 2020, vs. only 23% in 2010

Asian households with annual incomes of over USD 150K

will increase from 2.5M at present to around 27M by 2030


German companies would be well advised to focus their attentions and their resources on the growth potential in Asia, where Made in Germany products are in high demand.

GBIC will help your company to connect with compatible distribution partners in key Asian markets and develop profitable and sustainable growth strategies for years to come.